How to show off your DIY project on Reddit

We know Redditors love to show their DIY projects. That's why we developed best practices to help display your project in the best light.

Here is how you do it:

Take photos: You can just grab your phone and get good results. Ambytion is designed to make your projects look their best. Just make sure your items are in focus, centered and stand out against the background.

Describe what you did: Did you have a unique approach to your project? Did you discover an innovative way to overcome any challenges that came up? Readers love details and want to know the backstory to your creative process.

Publish your page: Did you proofread your words and double check the order of photos with the arrange tool? Then it's time to publish your project. Simply press the publish button on the toolbar at the right. A notification will pop up and give you the link to your page. Easy!

Pick a subreddit: There are several DIY subreddits out there. The most important ones are r/woodworking for wood related projects, r/crafts for sewing, knitting etc. r/leathercraft for leather, r/arduino and r/raspberrypi for electronic tinkering projects, and r/DIY of course. You can cross-submit to several subreddits. Here is a more complete list of DIY related subreddits.

Features Reddit DIY users love

Display your final product with a large key photo. It is XXL and immediately draws attention. Add many photos to detail progress and fine points. And it doesn't stop there: You're covered for Pinterest as well. That's right. Create a collage of your pictures in a few easy steps. Awesome.

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