Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I post my project on Ambytion?

Ambytion is the best way to showcase your project or creation online. It gets a beautiful presentation, and your profile page is your virtual shelf where you can say: Here is what I do, here is what I build and what I'm passionate about. Like r-bnx.

Ambytion is easy to use and it looks good. And you can share your project pages on your social media channels, your forum or wherever you want on the internet.

Does it cost money?

It is free.

How does planning work?

Every project has an idea board. Pin links and pictures to your board. You can mark them as done. Thats what we found is the best way for 'planning' these types of projects.

How do I sign up?

Here with your Reddit account, Instagram or email

Do I have to give any personal information?

No! If you wish to chose a username instead of your full name, you can do so.
On your profile, though, you can write a bit about yourself and what you are passionate about.

How else can Ambytion help me with my project?

You can use the inspiration board.
You can create collage images out of your project photos in just a few easy steps, ideal for Pinterest, here is an example.
You can link from your project to your website, blog, Instagram or Facebook page.

How can I get more people see my project page?

  • On Facebook: paste the url of your page into 'Write Somehting' and FB will prepare it for you. We make sure the pages work well on Facebook.
  • On Reddit: recommended subreddits are: r/somethingimade, r/DIY, r/ModelCars, r/bicycling, r/MyBikeBuild
  • Your forum: when creating your page, you'll be given a code snippet (bbcode) which you can use in your forum post in case your forum supports it.
  • On your blog/website: links are descriptive, place the link to your project on your website or blog.

How do I upload my project photos?

How can I take good photos of my project?

Do I need to take good photos of my project?

You don't need a professional camera, but make sure that the key photo shows your item in a beneficial way.

Should I add text to my photos using Photoshop?

Better not, in many cases it makes it look cluttered. You can set a link to your website or social media profile in your project setup.

Should I write in a how-to style?

You don't have to. Yet, people love to read your how-to should you decide to write one.
Here is a good example

Should I write something at all?

Many people chose to only show their item from different perspectives.
Here is an example.

How active do I have to be to be seen?

No stress like on other platforms. Post your projects and sit back.

I just want to show my model car without signing up.

Thats fine. Please send us an email to info at ambytion dot com and we will post it anonymously. Include a link to an online album e.g. on Dropbox or Google Drive, as well a name or user name we should give credit to.

What should I not show on Ambytion?

Nothing offensive, nothing violent and nothing you wouldn't show your own children. We are a place for projects and achievements. Submissions that violate our Terms will be removed.

I got no email after signing up?


Don't you worry, its still trying to find its way to you. You might want to check your spam folder, or reach out to us on info at ambytion dot com - we're happy to help.

How can I be in touch?

We love to hear from you. Write us an email to info at ambytion dot com