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Share your projects.
Show your best photos, stories, how-tos.

Don’t just sweat for the journey. Enjoy the outcome!

  You get a pinboard for Ideas. Whenever you come across an idea for your project, pin it here  
  Set Tasks. If you have something that needs to be ticked off, you can do that too.  
  Create a Beautiful Presentation in just 2 easy steps. For sharing on the internet, such as on Ambytion, Reddit, Pinterest and more.  
  Write a mini blog to document your Work In Progress (wip) to your followers. For the internet.  
  Join our friendly Community :)  

The Story of Ambytion is the story of recording
small steps to a big dream

Track your goals and project ideas. We call them Ambytions. Collect material and everything inspiring related to your Ambytion. Use Pinterest as an idea pool. Take notes and photos. Work up your notes and photos to posts and publish them in a mini-blog which is related to your project, or turn it into a story page. Create collages of all images for the sharing of your photos.

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