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Knife Sheath I Made Last Weekend (W/ Tutorial)

Before I start here is the finished product. The steps are below if you would like to make your own. You will need the following things: 4oz Chrome tanned leather (You can use skip this if you want to just use one layer of 5oz Veg tanned leather) Thick Veg tanned leather for a welt. 2oz Veg tanned leather Razor and cutting board Way to Make Holes ( Awl, Chisel, or Drill) Thread and Needle Sand paper Contact Cement/glue Optional items: Edge finish (Optional) Wax/Oil/Finish (Optional) Dye (Optional) Edge Beveler (Optional) Snake skin (Optional) There are more finished products at the bottom if you want to see more. If not thanks for checking it out! Ill be around if you h ave any tips or questions.

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